Yoga Mentoring At The Space of Good Feeling with Swami Durgananda

Continuing Education, Inner Growth & Mentoring

The Space of Good Feeling offers continued professional development training to yoga teachers. These sessions run like electives and participants can chose which topics interest them. These programs are designed to give support and increase and encourage inner spiritual growth as well as increase knowledge in different areas of yogic studies.

We also offer one-on-one mentoring sessions covering any area a teacher wishes to further develop. These sessions are offered in blocks of 3 months and as appropriate include homework and assessment tasks.

Duration:       2 weeks – 1 year

Prerequisites:  Completed a yoga teacher training course

Course Description:     Continue your yoga study in a supportive, experiential, pragmatic environment. When you practice hatha yoga you begin a conversation with your body. This conversation uncovers what your body mind and heart wants to say to you. The more you learn, the more questions arise and you discover that many different answers can apply. Deepen the conversation you began with yourself when you became a hatha yoga teacher.
This sessions are grounded in the ancient teachings of Kashmir Shaivism and follow an integrative life-affirming approach to yoga, exploring the relationships between the physical and subtle body and inner and outer world.

Through a series of sessions deepen your knowledge of:
Applied anatomy and physiology
Practical asana variations and modifications
Meditation and Relaxation techniques
Self-inquiry applied to asana practise
Scriptural study

These topics of study are continuously being further developed and updated

Current Topics Available:
Sukha stihra spanda and the spine
Yoga and the senses
The fundamentals of Self-inquiry
Exploring the body through inquiry
Self-inquiry for yoga teachers
The subtle body
Yoga for the mature
Teaching yoga to children
Learn To Meditate Level 1
Learn To Meditate Level 2
Further Anatomy and Physiology Studies
Class Design
Yogic Philosophy
Breath and Movement &Sequencing
Communication techniques

Course Structure:

These training sessions are given in 2-8 week blocks. Participants can book in for one or all training blocks. All sessions contain elements of practice, theory and homework. Sessions follow a weekly format but can also be given during weekend retreats


At the completion of this course students will have:
       Further knowledge of anatomy and physiology and its application to asana
       Deeper Self-knowledge
       Knowledge of the subtle body


Students are assessed continuously throughout the course via questions and answers, class participation, homework and feedback sessions facilitated by the course teacher/teachers.

Broad areas of assessment are:
       Practical application of theory discussed
       Personal insights/application of experiences to self and in teaching
       Enhanced skill in area topic covers


On satisfactory completion of each unit a certificate of recognition stating subject and hours completed will be issued

Swami Durgananda
(Yoga Alliance Platinum membership, Master Yoga teacher and Teacher Trainer course provider)
Swami Durgananda believes that:
o       The key to yoga is finding a practice that works for each individual, as everyone is unique and changing moment to moment.
o       Yoga is all about becoming conscious of these movements within and without and learning the different techniques in order to become more Self-aware.
o       Yoga empowers. It uplifts. It teaches each person how to listen to their own inner voice and follow the inner energy, the Shakti.
o       A complete yoga integrates the peace, wisdom and aliveness found ‘on the mat’ into everyday living.
Swami Durgananda has been studying and practising yoga and meditation since 1995, following a daily schedule of meditation, yoga, self-inquiry, chanting, study and service.

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